Home Improvement Tips to Save You Money

It’s no secret—leaky walls and roofs in your Ottawa home can mean high utility bills and expensive repairs down the road!

So what basic repairs and improvements should you tackle first? A reputable roofing company can help you decide! Allowing an expert to help you prioritize maintenance and home improvement initiatives in your Ottawa home can pay off in the long run, whether it’s repair or replacement of your roof, siding, insulation, eavestroughs, or windows and doors.

Let’s take a look at five basic and vital home improvements you can do to save money now and in the long run:

1. Roof inspection, repair and replacement. There is nothing more important to the integrity of your home than a sound roof to keep the water out! Roof repair and partial or complete roof replacements are an investment that will boost the value of your home and can lower your utility bills. Roofing has made remarkable technological progress over the last ten years: underlayment offers better moisture protection, shingles resist wind better than in the past, and Energy Star shingles help your home stay cooler in summer.

2. Eavestroughs. Water cascading down your roof has to go somewhere! The job of your home’s eavestroughs is to channel water away from your walls and foundation. Inspect and clean your eavestroughs and downspouts regularly and have them replaced if they’re not doing their job.

3. Siding. Has the siding of your Ottawa home seen better days? Consider replacing it to bolster your home’s curb appeal and value, and take the opportunity to re-insulate your walls and refresh the moisture barrier behind the siding.

4. Insulation. Do you want to lower your utility bills? Spray polyurethane foam has revolutionised the art and science of insulation. The closed cell variety provides not only unparalleled insulating properties, it also serves as a
vapour and air barrier. But it has to be done right! Incorrect application can lead to holes, insufficient thickness and issues with odours, so make sure you hire a pro to do it.

5. Windows and doors. Are you looking for another way to lower your utility bill and keep your family more comfortable? New double or triple glazed windows with low-E glass and argon gas will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. And new entry doors are more insulated and better at eliminating drafts than ever before!

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